The Rice Amphitheater of Batad

Let me be honest and say the journey to Batad, in the Northern Philippines, is not an easy one. One of the main reasons I chose to travel through the Northern Philippines with G Adventures, rather than on my own as I normally do throughout Asia, is due to the fact that there is limited public transportation options and even accommodation options when it comes to this area of the Philippines. 

I love the beach and tropical weather, but the Northern Philippines interested me and I became set on getting there to see the famous rice fields and village life I had read so much about online. While many people currently travel to the Philippines for the island life, I encourage those backpacking SE Asia to explore the Northern Philippines, in specific Batad. 

The journey was extensive, with a series of long drivers and overnight buses, but we were rewarded with a very unique and un commercialized view into life in the North and I recommend it to all.